Major - Career Connection ... Is There One?

Remember, selecting a major does not mean you are choosing what you have to do for the rest of your life.  Don't confuse  a major with a career, or an education with training.  Burtchaell (2002) defines education as "the opportunity, through studying a variety of subjects, to gain the information and the dexterity to use your wits and your expression.  Education prepares you to be someone more than to do something.  Education is what prepares you to hear more when you listen, to reach deeper when you think, to say more when you speak.  Education is quite different from training, which prepares you in advance to do the tasks that are well known in a given job.  Education prepares you in advance to see beneath and beyond what is well known."

Although the major - career relationship does sometimes go hand-in-hand as in the case of vocational/technical degrees, for most majors and careers, there is no direct relationship.  Choosing a major is about exploring the wealth of options that are available to you and discovering what it is you would love to study.

Below are some helpful links to general career information sites on the internet that may assist you making a decision.  As you go through these sites, remember that liberal Arts majors are sought after!  A liberal arts education allows you to developed content knowledge (specific to a major) as well as transferable skills … abilities, skills, and personal attributes ... qualities that are transposable to a wide range of careers. 

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