Undergraduate Study:  Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Minor in Sociology.

Certificate in Human Resources & Organizational Management.

Certificate in Social Sciences & Health.

Academic Program

Sociology is the study of how society organizes itself and how various groups interact with each other and the consequences of these processes.  Sociology’s subject matter includes marriage and family patterns, race and ethnic relations, demography, social change, class structure, formal organizations including bureaucracies, value systems, conflict, deviant behavior, and the people and institutions of other societies.

Sociology uses a range of research techniques for studying social phenomena that can be applied to many areas, whether one is interested in the incidence of crime, client satisfaction, policy evaluations, or demographic trends. In addition to preparing people as professional sociologists in academic settings, sociology is an excellent background for careers in law, social work, public health, urban planning, public administration, and other fields.

Major-Related Skills

In addition to discipline specific content, sociology majors have the ability to:

  • understand how social factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, education and social class affect work and how organizations operate.
  • analyze, synthesize, and interpret information.
  • interact well in multicultural/multinational environments.
  • use insights into group dynamics to predict how groups will react to new institutions and changing social pressures.
  • interact with individuals of diverse backgrounds in various situations.
  • observe and analyze introspectively.
  • think logically and critically and make appropriate analogies.
  • design questionnaires and develop other measurement tools.

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Declaring Sociology as a Major

Click here for a form-fillable major declaration form.  Complete the first page of the Declaration of Major form and print. Make an appointment with a faculty advisor in the Sociology Department to discuss your interests, major requirements, and course selection.  The advisor will complete the second page of the form.  The completed form should then be turned in to the service counter for Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services.
Note:  Click here if you are adding a second major - you will need to use a declaration of major form that has not been pre-filled to declare sociology as your first major.  Click here for concurrent degree requests (i.e., between A&S and another college or different degree programs within A&S, such as concurrent BA and BS degrees).

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