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Click on the form name to download and print it. NOTE: Some forms are being redesigned  and are not yet available.  If you run into problems, or have any questions about correct choice and use of forms, call 956-8755.

Click on the titles to go directly to the areas: Academic Forms, Registration Forms, Enrollment Forms.  Certifications forms verifying enrollment, academic progress, etc. are on the Certification of Academic Progress: Forms and Memos page.


Petition Form - Use this form to submit a petition for exception to University policy.

Note: You must meet with an advisor after completing and printing the form.
(808-956-8755 or QLC 113)


Program Sheets - BA, BS, BFA and BMus Program Sheets list Graduation, Core, and Program requirements for Arts & Sciences majors.Program sheets for core years beginning 2002 include a separate worksheet for identifying remaining requirements. See departments for major, minor and/or certificate requirements.

Academic Plan – Calculate your remaining credit requirements, list remaining course requirements, and plan out completion to project your graduation date.

Declaration of Major form - used to declare, change, drop and/or add a second Arts & Sciences major.

The form can be found here

Note: Please ask an academic advisor about procedures to add a second major.

Goldenrod Form - required prior to signing up for a GRAD Session; used to inform us of remaining courses in your major.  Complete this form with your major department undergraduate advisor.

Verification of Academic Minor or Certificate - used to inform us of your minor or certificate in an Arts & Sciences area.  Required of BA students choosing the Depth Option or any Arts & Sciences student pursuing a minor.

Click here for a copy suitable for photocopying.
Click here for the on-line a form-fill version.  

Concurrent Degree Application - for students in other colleges (Business, Education, Social Work, Engineering, etc.) who want to add an A&S major (Ex. BBA Finance + BA French) or A&S students who  want to pursue two degrees (Ex. BA French + BS Biology).

UH-System Transfer Credit Update - If your home campus is UHM, use this form to transfer courses taken at another UH-System campus (KCC, LCC, etc).Turn in the completed form at the Admissions Office, QLCSS room 1, after your grades are posted.



Visit the UH Mānoa Registration Homepage for complete information on registration procedures & policies and the schedule of courses

Download a Add Form
Download a Withdrawal Form
Download an Audit Approval Form

Time Conflict – For Arts & Sciences students intending to register for classes with a time scheduling conflict.

You must secure the approval from instructors of both classes; instructors must indicate how the conflict will be negotiated.  Bring the completed and signed form to our service counter to meet with our Information Desk Advisor to discuss the implications of registering for courses that overlap in meeting time, as well as receive final College approval allowing you to register for both classes.  Important: YOU must log into MyUH and add the conflicting class to your registration.

Credit Overload – For Arts & Sciences students intending to register for more than 19 credits in any single semester.

Please read the minimum criteria carefully before requesting an overload:  

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA 

  • Recently completed semester with 18 or more credits in which you earned a 3.0 or higher, with no withdrawals or "Incomplete" grades.

Make an appointment with an academic advisor to submit your request for the credit overload.  You must indicate the maximum number of credits for which you intend to register.  NOTE: If approved, you will not be able to register for beyond 19 credits until the first day of instruction


Complete Withdrawal - To be used once the semester begins until the "Last day for restricted withdrawals" as published in the UHM catalog.  Please see your college advisor at the Colleges of Arts & Sciences Student Academic Services office. 

Note: If you want to completely withdraw from your Manoa courses before the semester begins, login to MyUH to drop all of your classes.. If you are not able to access your registration, go to the Records Office (QLC room 10; 808-956-8010) to sign a Cancellation of Registration request. You do not need to file any forms with our office.  All financial obligations must be cleared prior to withdrawing: parking and library fines, student housing and student health fees, etc.  Financial aid recipients must contact the Financial Aid Office (QLC room 112; 808-956-7251).

Leave of Absence (LOA) – Each student in good academic standing (cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher) is eligible for a total of two semesters leave during their undergraduate study.  Read the form carefully for other stipulations.  An LOA essentially “holds your place” in the system – you retain your current registration priority, remain on your core year, and do not have to reapply as long as you return in the semester indicated on your form.  The signed request for LOA needs to be received by our office prior to the "First day of instruction" in your intended semester of leave as published in the UHM catalog, OR at the time of a complete withdrawal. Bring your completed LOA form (printable from to an advising appointment 956-8755.

Overseas Leave of Absence – for participation in Study Abroad programs offered through other institutions (not UHM).  Policy and procedure is the same for LOA, above.  The Overseas Leave of Absence form is available online at

IF YOU ARE OFF-ISLAND or otherwise unable to make an in-person appointment:

Prior to applicable deadlines, you can request that change of enrollment forms be processed administratively.  Please contact our office at 808-956-8755 to learn about your options.

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